Home of the Fourth Annual Hartland Polo Classic on June 13, 2020

The Detroit Polo Club is the premier polo facility in the greater Detroit area. From club matches and sanctioned tournaments to corporate and charity events or just tailgating fieldside, there is something for everyone.

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The Partnership of The Detroit Polo Club and the Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce

The Hartland Polo Classic was born through a partnership between the Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce and the Detroit Polo Club. In 2016 the Hartland Chamber was seeking a unique event that would connect local businesses with the surrounding community. The Detroit Polo Club was seeking avenues to promote the exciting sport of polo.

The collaboration brought the 1st Annual Hartland Polo Classic event to Hartland in June of 2017. The event’s uniqueness created a lot of buzz throughout Livingston County.  Teams now are traveling to Michigan from out of state to participate.

More About The Detroit Polo Club

Polo is the fastest team sport in the world and has no parallel in adrenaline and excitement. Combining a passion for horses and the speed and challenge of the game, it is no wonder people of all ages are drawn to this sport.

Whether you want to learn to play polo or love the rush of galloping horses while tailgating, come join us fieldside.

Learn about the “Polo Pony”!

Most players agree that the polo “pony” represents 70%-80% of a player’s game. Not restricted by breeding, the mounts are usually at least three-quarters Thoroughbred or better. The characteristics of the Thoroughbred, which make it so ideal for the game, are that it has more stamina, goes farther, faster, and has a better disposition for polo.

Because the physical demands of the game, the horses may gallop as much as three miles in each chukker, -the polo player needs a string of mounts. No horse plays two successive chukkers, and each player may ride 3-6 ponies in the course of a six-chukker match (in high-goal polo the players arrive at the field with no less than six horses apiece).

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Location of Event:

Detroit Polo Club
500 Chukker Cove
Howell, MI  48843

Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce, 9525 E. Highland Rd., Howell, MI 48843 | (810) 632-9130